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Sealing and Expungements

Removing your record from the public eye

There are times when clients want a case sealed—removed from public access—or expunged—destroyed. Often, this is the situation in cases of juvenile crime, where a record could severely alter the course of a young person's life. Using our intimate knowledge of the local, state, and federal court systems, we work to either seal or expunge criminal history records in accordance with the law.


  • Help you apply for a certificate of eligibility for sealing or expunction
  • Petition the appropriate court to seal or expunge your criminal history record
  • Ensure your petition is accompanied by a valid certificate of eligibility and your sworn statement

The process is complex and conditions apply. Sealing or expungement is not possible for all crimes. For example, a record cannot be sealed for a sexual offense if a plea of guilty or no contest was entered by the defendant.

A pardon or restoration of your civil rights may also be possible if sealing or expungement is not available to you. Call Russell T. Kirshy, Attorney at Law today at (941) 255-5525 to learn how we can help you.

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Please call Russell T. Kirshy, Attorney at Law at (941) 255-5525 when you need a lawyer to take your record out of the public eye. You can reach us at any time. We serve Charlotte, Sarasota, DeSoto, and Lee counties in Florida. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.